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    Featured Project

    2013 HRACRE Award of Merit | Riverside Internal Medicine of Denbigh

    Inside Business Award Article

    Best Renovated or Historic Rehabilitation Project

    Riverside Internal Medicine of Denbigh 

    Originally constructed in the 1970s as a steakhouse in a suburban strip shopping center, the tired old building had been modified and altered so much that it was completely inconsistent with Riverside Regional Medical Group's image. A newly built entrance complete with a wooden trellis became the renovated building's primary focus. These two simple elements, combined with a new fiber-cement cladding and storefront window system, transformed the facility from an eyesore to a visually attractive destination for patients to visit their doctors. 

    The project illustrates how the masterful use of inexpensive architectural materials deployed in a carefully orchestrated scheme can successfully alter people's perceptions about the character and setting of a building. 

    Judges' comments:

    "The jurors liked this project because they changed the character of the place in terms of the street presence with very simple, efficient moves. This property was previously a steakhouse that was not consistent with the image and brand. They identified the problem and fixed it with a masterful use of inexpensive materials to transform the facility. It was a relatively small intervention with a big payoff. The project is nicely proportioned. The trellis lets the light play on the facade; it actually animates it, gives it some life. Tearing down these buildings is a huge waste of money and effort so these people repurposed the building by very simple moves that made a huge impact for a lightweight and inexpensive, strategically well-done project. The jury wishes to commend those who take on a challenge like this. It generates more of a humanizing scale with the four-post, gathered columns and trellising at the entrance. They didn't change the basic form of the building because they had no money to do that. Now it's a place where you wouldn't mind going to see your doctor."