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    Featured Project

    Construction Begins on New Bowling Center

    Military Newspaper of Virginia

    FORT LEE, Va. (July 7, 2016) -- Post officials broke ground for the new Fort Lee Bowling Center during a June 29 ceremony on the corner of Lee and C avenues, across the street from Maclaughlin Fitness Center.

    The Family and MWR facility is expected to open for business in 12-18 months, according to project leaders. They describe the build as a "hybrid bowling entertainment center" with cutting-edge equipment and a slew of special features. 

    The bowling center will consist of 32 lanes. One side of the facility will have 20 conventional 10-pin lanes and is being designed as an area where large military organizations can bowl. 

    The other half of the building designed for families will have 10 regular lanes and two "small-pin" youth lanes. Additionally, that side of the facility will have extra space for meetings and parties. A 1,600-square-foot arcade and a large snack bar and dining area also are planned.

    Project planning began four years ago, according to John Royster, Department of Public Works master planner. 

    An indoor-outdoor pool facility was once located at the building site, said Royster who has worked at Fort Lee for 41 years. "We felt it would be a good site (because) it's near advanced individual training schools here. A lot of our family housing is a direct shot down Battle Drive. Also, it is close to Lee Avenue, one of the main thoroughfares." 

    Chip Wikan, business manager of the bowling center, said he is obviously looking forward to the new and improved facility. 

    "It has been a lot of years of work planning for the new center," said Wikan. 'They ran the project validation assessment (a study in which the Army verifies the need for new construction) in 2007. Considering the time that has passed, we're thrilled the money finally came through for this much-needed project at Fort Lee." 

    The existing bowling center was built in 1968, Wikan explained, and is experiencing increasing maintenance issues." 

    Col. Paul K. Brooks, Fort Lee Garrison commander, recognized the entire bowling center team during remarks at the ground-breaking ceremony. 

    'They are the reason our bowling facility has done so well," he said. "Without their commitment to this community and work efforts, we could not have successfully demonstrated how this multi­million dollar project could show a return from the Army's investment, and it wouldn't have been funded. To the entire bowling team, you are a huge reason why we are here today."