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    Featured Project


    Sydney Meers, an award-winning James Beard finalist chef, opens his newest restaurant in early 2021. Situated in a former Starbucks, Syd’s FishPig Cafe is one of four anchor storefronts in Norfolk’s Seldon Arcade. The new restaurant has been featured in Distinction, VEER Magazine, Coastal Virginia Magazine and the Virginian-Pilot (Feb. 2020 and again in May 2021).

    PMA laser scanned the existing interior and worked with Sydney to craft the narrative for the space, which has dining seating for 36, plus seating for an additional 16 guests at the bar and in the lounge. Interior design services included space planning, conceptual design, the selection of finishes and fabrics, and even the crafting of the sugi ban wood featured throughout the interior. The open kitchen was carefully designed to re-use equipment from Sydney’s former restaurants and a new, custom 11’ hood.

    An artist not only in the kitchen, but in life, Sydney has been a chef and fixture in the Norfolk art scene since the late 1980’s. PMA’s architectural design and interiors team took great care in collaborating with Sydney to curate, place, and light his unique art – creating a museum-like quality that lends a distinctive vibe to the space. The interior incorporates the idea of wabi sabi that Sydney uses in his cooking to create a funhouse of his curated collection of wild, crazy, crude and yes, beautiful and amazing stuff. And it all works because it is the clear vision of one person - the delicious Sydney Meers. Diners will step into the restaurant and into Sydney’s mind as they are surrounded from above and all sides by an expansive array of his quirky, unusual pieces. It is one part museum, one part satire and one part wacky.

    Welcome to the world of Sydney Meers.

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