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    Featured Project


    PMA took a unique approach in the design of the I Can Child Care & Learning Center. The new building was meant to replace an outdated facility that did not speak to the mission of the center. The program was simple- 9,000 square feet, 8 classrooms with required support spaces and limited construction budget. The owners and operators love children and wanted a building that was a warm, fun and nurturing environment for little kids to grow and learn. Unlike many owners, they have a deep understanding of what the space needed to be. Traditionally an architect will listen to the client’s needs and desires to inform the design. But these clients are different, they are passionate and caring and know what makes a great space for children.

    PMA decided to include the owners in the design process, making them part of the team. The team had charrettes to share ideas, goals, and, visions of what the building could be without any preconceived notions. The team developed four different building concepts which were presented to the client. They decided which design worked best for their mission, giving them ownership before construction started. It was their building from start to finish. 

    "We were extremely pleased with services provided by PMA Architecture. PMA uses a very thoughtful approach to capturing the concepts business owners have in mind as they create "vision". We are most impressed by the fact that our Mission Statement and Goals for Educating Children in our Community were seriously considered as our Vision was depicted in the structure we have today." 

    Debora S. Tanner