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    Featured Project


    Leviathan distorts conventional wall framing systems into unrecognizable yet comprehensible forms, leaving the viewer with a new frame of reference for the capabilities of traditional craft methods. The diagram begins with a simple, unbroken ribbon – folded in upon itself to become a self-supporting spiral. Through digital pre-fabrication techniques, construction can be achieved through simple tools and fastenings. That which begins as straightforward planar manipulation results in a continuous, changing landscape of valleys and peaks, hills and slopes. Intersections form unexpected vanishing points and vistas, as the transparency of the skeletal frame allows for a dense layering of forced perspectives. As a backdrop for other installations. Leviathan offers a completely new and novel context at every turn. 

    Leviathan is an art installation built by the design team of PMA for the special exhibit "Dream House" at Peninsula Fine Arts Center. It helped the team explore digital fabrication techniques along with hand-craft using traditional woodworking methodologies. After the successful special exhibit concluded, PFAC requested to install Leviathan as part of their permanent outdoor sculpture collection.