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    This urban apartment, located in an early 20th Century factory building in a historic district of a major U.S. City, was transformed into a three-bedroom home with access to the roof where a new roof-top garden terrace was created for an urban-outdoor living. The key design element of the floor plan is a sweeping arc which runs through the depth of the unit in order to enable an exciting circulation line from the entrance to the master suite. The curved line begins at the front of the apartment at the kitchen in the form of a full-height wood wall which forms an arc-shaped wedge which becomes the kitchen island as it moves from the living room to the dining room. This full-height shape serves to create a dramatic knife-edged form at the entrance to the apartment which hides the appliance and food preparation portion of the kitchen from the living room views. 


    This curved line continues and forms a curved art gallery wall along the hallway to the master suite. A crisply detailed modern staircase to the roof terrace compliments the curved gallery wall forming a warm sun-lit inner core to the apartment, introducing natural light in exactly the right spot. The knife-edged mass at the front of the apartment also serves to maximize the view angles out to the front windows which face onto the public street.